Step :- import numpy to creat a 2d array to display the image.

Step 2:- creating a hurt image and open it.

Take 2 images crop some parts of both images and swap them

step1:- import module and load the both images

What is a Confusion Matrix?

A Confusion matrix is the comparison summary of the predicted results and the actual results in any classification problem use case. The comparison summary is extremely necessary to determine the performance of the model after it is trained with some training data.

For a binary classification use case, a Confusion…

Today we’ll learn how we can run GUI Applications like Firefox inside a Docker Container.

Step 1:-To use docker first we have to start docker services. And make it enable so it will be on start mode permanently.

Task Description:

  • Pull an image and launch an container.
  • Install python inside docker container.
  • copy/create a machine learning model.

Step 1: Check docker information.

So today this article is about the uses of kubernets in the industries.

What is the Kubernets:-

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform that enables the operation of an elastic web server framework for cloud applications. Kubernetes can support data center outsourcing to public cloud service providers or can be used for web…

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